Bottle Biomes

Kids will build terrariums for land snails, worms, and pond snails, and see how the species interact with each other and their environment to survive!

This is our newest and most original experiment and will be a hit with any classroom. Kids love animals and our Bottle Biomes are designed to showcase the various species within them and how they support one another to create a thriving ecosystem.

Our Biomes are built from recyclable soda bottles and feature two chambers. The lower chamber houses water plants and pond snails, while the upper chamber contains mustard plants and land snails. The Biomes are completely enclosed so no critters can escape!

Our SCouts will explain how the plants absorb carbon dioxide and nutrients from the animals in order to produce oxygen that the animals need to survive. Your kids will get an understanding of how a rich variety of living species results in an ecosystem that is stable and can exist entirely within a soda bottle.

The SCouts will work one-on-one with each group of kids to build a complete Biome that will be able to survive on its own. Your kids will love watching the Biomes continue to grow and thrive over the course of a week.

This is a modern experiment that showcases the beauty and interconnectedness of life on Earth. We had an amazing time building these Biomes with our kids last semester and can't wait to do it again and again. Even the shyest and quietest kids wanted to hold our snails and help construct the Biomes. In the end they all learned something new in a way they will never forget.

Contact us if you'd like to build Bottle Biomes at your school!



Bottle Rockets

Kids will build their own rockets out of soda bottles and launch them high into the air!

Our SCouts will help your kids make fins and nose cones for their rockets as well as weigh down the tips using play-doh so they fly straight. Kids will be able to customize and decorate their rockets so every rocket is unique.

Our SCouts will make sure that every group has a bottle rocket they are excited to see fly. These rockets really fly high and impress both students and teachers alike.

Our SCouts will explain the physics at work in the rockets. We use a bicycle pump and a special launching apparatus to fill the bottles with air and water. Once launched, Newton's third law takes over: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! The pressurized air and water exiting the bottles provides the thrust the rockets need to fly.

This is our favorite experiment at Science Outreach and we love bringing it to classrooms! It is so popular with the students that we usually save it as the final experiment of the school year. Kids love making the rockets and then counting down as we launch them to celebrate the end of a great science semester!

Contact us if you'd like to launch Bottle Rockets at your school!


bristle bots banner.jpg

Bristle Bots

Kids will work together to build and race small robots built from vibrating motors and toothbrush bristles.

Using three simple components: a small motor, a toothbrush head, and a battery, kids will assemble robots capable of moving in wild patterns with surprising speed!

Our SCouts will show your kids how to connect the components together using foam tape, which ensures that the robots don't fall apart once they're turned on.

The SCouts will also teach the kids how the battery must be connected to the motor for the robots to work. The kids will have a chance to experiment with the components on their own, but our SCouts will always be ready to give a helping hand if any groups are having difficulty.

Once the Bristle Bots are ready, the kids will be able to race them against each other. Our SCouts will show your students how to improve their designs and build Bristle Bots that are faster and more stable.

This is a fun and novel experiment that lets kids experience the engineering process firsthand as they test and improve their designs. The simple pieces can be arranged in many different ways to create Bristle Bots that move in unique patterns. Our SCouts will ensure that every group makes a working Bristle Bot that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Contact us if you'd like to build Bristle Bots at your school!


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Kids will build miniature catapults from spoons, rubber bands, and popsicle sticks to see who can launch a projectile the farthest!

This is one of our oldest experiments and is perfect for sunny days when the kids can go outdoors and launch mini-marshmallows from their catapults.

The SCouts will show the kids how to build their own catapults step-by-step. This experiment is fun and easy and can be done by kids in groups or individually.

The SCouts will also explain the physics behind the experiment: Potential energy stored in the catapult's spring is converted to kinetic energy when the catapult is launched. We use easy-to-understand language that makes the science easy to grasp for grade school students.

Once the catapults are completed, the students will test them by going outside and launching mini-marshmallows! The SCouts will help the kids make their catapults better and fire farther while also encouraging the students to experiment on their own.

This is a timeless experiment for us at Science Outreach and we can demonstrate it in any setting and time frame. The kids love it and it is a great introduction to science for all ages.

Contact us if you'd like to launch catapults at your school!




Kids will use our macro-scale circuit boards to understand how electricity is conducted through wires as they build their own circuits using batteries and motors.

Our SCouts will teach your kids that a closed loop is required to conduct electricity, as well as explain what electricity is and how it is generated!

Using our specially built wooden circuit boards, kids will connect batteries, motors, lights, and other electrical components to form their own closed-loop circuits. They will also be able to test everyday objects such as coins and paperclips to see what conducts electricity and what doesn't.

This experiment is perfect for introducing your students to electronics. We will show them how easy it is to build a circuit and use battery power to build a simple device such as a light switch.

Giving your kids the opportunity to experiment safely with circuits is an experience that will emPOWER and SPARK their imagination.  Contact us if you'd like to experiment with circuits at your school!




Kids will build Earthquake-proof structures out of toothpicks and marshmallows and then test them on our shake tables!

Our SCouts will teach your kids how to connect toothpicks together using marshmallows. We will then give a lecture on earthquakes and invite the kids to guess what kinds of structures can resist the side-to-side shaking of an earthquake.

The SCouts will help your kids build their own toothpick structures and test them out on our shake table. We will begin by asking the kids to draw their designs in preparation for the actual build process.

This experiment is an excellent introduction to the engineering method as it gives kids a chance to plan their designs and then improve them with each consecutive test. We've found that by giving kids simple constraints and goals they can come up with truly creative and inspiring designs!

Contact us if you'd like to build earthquake-proof structures at your school!



Owl Pellet Dissection

Kids will explore the contents of small packages of fur and bones coughed up by owls after they hunt, known as owl pellets.

Using protective gloves and tweezers, students will dissect the owl pellets and compare the bones they find with our provided bone charts.

This is one of our most popular experiments and is sure to be a hit with any classroom. Our SCouts will present a short lecture on owls, their hunting habits, and how to be sanitary while dissecting the pellets.

Contact us if you'd like to dissect owl pellets at your school!


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Phase Changes

Kids will learn about the different states of matter and see how liquid nitrogen can rapidly freeze objects!

This is a fun and dramatic experiment that is perfect for large audiences. Science Outreach has taken liquid nitrogen to school assemblies to demonstrate the magic of phase changes to entire student bodies, giving everyone a little taste of science!

Our SCouts will explain how matter can exist as a solid, a liquid, or a gas. Using helpful illustrations, we will show your students how a molecule's temperature is correlated to it's energy level.

Our team will then demonstrate how liquid nitrogen can be used to rapidly cool objects and even change their state of matter. The results are surprising and entertaining for all audiences.

Liquid nitrogen boils at room temperature, staying a constant -321 degrees Fahrenheit. Our SCouts will drop bananas and rubber balls into a vat of liquid nitrogen and then shatter them by dropping them on the ground! We will also experiment by placing balloons, bags of water, and even our hands into the liquid nitrogen.

This is a very fun experiment for us to perform in any setting. We love traveling with this experiment and seeing the kids' reactions as everyday objects are transformed by liquid nitrogen! This will be an experience your students never forget.

Contact us if you'd like to bring liquid nitrogen to your school!



Sprouting a Garden

Kids will learn about plants and what they need to survive by setting up their own mustard seed gardens!

This experiment gives kids the opportunity to form a hypothesis about what conditions will be best for plants to grow. Our SCouts will help your kids plant mustard seeds in a container with one side blocked from the light. The kids can then observe the growth of plants on both sides over the course of a week.

The SCouts will explain how plants use photosynthesis and gas exchange to survive. Your kids will get an understanding of what factors are necessary for plants to thrive in any environment.

Plants are essential for our own survival since they release oxygen into the air for us to breathe. This is a powerful experiment that gets kids talking about plant biology and lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of our relationship with planet Earth.

Contact us if you'd like to sprout a garden at your school!


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Puff Mobiles

Kids will build and race wind-powered cars made of recyclable materials such as straws and index cards. These simple cars will accelerate surprisingly quickly when the kids blow on them!

The SCouts will show your kids how to build a basic Puffmobile and then improve the design to be even faster. The kids will be able to test their cars along the way and get feedback from the SCouts, who will help any groups having difficulty. We want every team to have a working car they can be proud of!

This is a fun experiment that will familiarize students with the engineering process of designing, building, testing, and improving. Kids will have a chance to be inventive and creative while also learning about the physical forces at work on wind cars.

We love doing this experiment in classrooms and watching the kids get invested in the success of their own creations. Contact us if you'd like to build Puffmobiles at your school!



Squishy Circuits

Kids will sculpt conductive play-doh into artistic creations that light up!

This is a fun experiment that brings out the creativity of the kids in an entirely new way. Our conductive play-doh acts like wire, allowing the kids to connect electrical components like batteries and LEDs!

Our SCouts will explain how electricity from a battery will flow through the path of lowest resistance to complete a circuit. The kids will then use our conductive play-doh to sculpt artistic creations.

Our SCouts will work with your kids to see if their creations conduct electricity through the LEDs or simply short circuit! This is a great exercise in troubleshooting as kids inadvertently short their creations and will need to trace the flow of electricity through their models to see where the short exists.

This experiment has been a huge hit in the classroom since kids love making art and now they can take their creations to the next level with batteries and LEDs! We've found that playing with circuits in this hands-on way reinforces the science being taught and kids walk away with a real understanding of circuits.

Contact us if you'd like to make Squishy Circuits at your school!


squishy circuits 1.jpg

Straw Bridges

Kids will build and test simple bridges made of straws and other recyclable materials. Using a few special techniques, kids will be able to build bridges that can withstand heavy loads... up until they finally collapse!

The SCouts will show your kids how to connect straws together with tape to build actual structures. The kids will learn how incorporating shapes such as triangles and arches will help make their creations stronger, like real-life bridges.

Once the bridges are completed, the students will test them by spanning their bridges between two desks and hanging a cup from the center, which will slowly be filled with marbles until the bridge collapses!

This experiment is suitable for any classroom. SCouts will make sure that every group of students is able to build a basic bridge out of straws. Any groups having difficulty can count on the SCouts for hands-on help and guidance.

This is a wonderful engineering experiment that will teach students how to build structures using everyday materials. Kids will learn how modern engineers build structures that can successfully disperse forces.

We love seeing the different types of bridges that kids can come up with! We know you will be surprised and impressed by the engineering talent in your classroom. Contact us if you'd like to build straw bridges at your school!



Strawberry DNA Extraction

Kids will extract real DNA from strawberries, using household substances such as water, soap, and salt. The kids will be able to extract DNA in a form that can be picked up and seen with the naked eye!

This is an amazing experiment that you have to see to believe. Our SCouts will teach kids about cells, DNA, and the genomic code. The students will then cement their understanding by extracting and seeing DNA firsthand.

Following the instructions of the SCouts, your kids will crush strawberries into a pulp, lyse the cells within, and then precipitate the DNA to the surface. The DNA can then be picked up with a toothpick like cotton candy, and be examined.

This is a informative experiment that your kids will remember for years. It is a great introduction to modern biological science and the study of life.

We have done this experiment many times to the point where it is second nature to us at Science Outreach, and we can demonstrate it with ease in classrooms and at field days. Contact us if you'd like to extract strawberry DNA at your school!