How do I join Science Outreach?

Send us an email at Our weekly meetings are on Tuesdays at 8PM in TCC 450. Our first General Body meeting for Spring 2017 is on January 17th (at 8pm in TCC 450). We welcome students of any major and all backgrounds.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is 2 hours per week.  1 hour will be dedicated to teaching kids in a weekly classroom session. SCouts are also required to attend the general body meetings which are 1 hour every Tuesday at 8PM. It is extremely important that you can make these two hours every week!

Will I be alone?

No, you will be part of a team of scouts that will visit the same classroom every week. Your team will be led by one of our wonderful Session Leaders.

What will I do in the classroom?

SCouts in the classroom have a variety of jobs which range from delivering the weekly lecture, helping students with their worksheets, and showing the kids how to do the experiments! Your Session Leader will find the perfect job for you, so don't worry if you are shy or are afraid of public speaking!

I'm not a science major, can I still join?

Yes, the lessons we teach are all on an elementary level. We welcome anyone from any major!

What school will I teach at?

SCouts can sign up to teach sessions at: John W. Mack Elementary School, 32nd Street School, and Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School. All are located within 1 mile of the USC main campus.

You can also volunteer at Science Assemblies that we put on throughout the year.

How much are dues?

Dues are $20 for Active Members and $30 for Associate Members.

What other requirements are there?

SCout members are required to maintain an 80% meeting attendance as well as an 80% session attendance. New (Associate) members are also required to attend one training session. After one semester, Associate Members graduate to Active Membership status.

What are the perks of joining SCout?

All members get access to our membership resources, which include study materials for exams and networking opportunities with our membership and alumni pool. Active Members enjoy reduced dues, priority scheduling, and eligibility to apply for leadership positions. SCouts also get the joy of being role-models for kids and making a difference in their lives!

What other activities do SCouts enjoy?

Science Outreach organizes social events and activities throughout the year for our members. We also throw parties and sell Boba to raise money. Members can help out at any of these events or just come and have fun.