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Sparking curiosity is our mission.

Science Outreach (SCout) was founded at the University of Southern California in 2010 to bring science (and fun) to kids in nearby grade schools.

We visit 2nd and 3rd grade classes to get kids excited about science before their science curriculum officially begins in 4th grade.

By showing kids that science can be fun, we hope to inspire lifelong learners and science enthusiasts just like ourselves. We believe that the great scientists of tomorrow are sitting in the classrooms of today.

Science Outreach serves over 300 students at 32nd St. School, Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary, and John W. Mack Elementary. In addition to our in-class sessions, we also organize assemblies and field days.

Our members are active and accomplished USC students who dedicate their time to working with kids. We are committed to forming meaningful relationships with the students and schools we work with.

Many of us were inspired to pursue careers in science after seeing cool science demonstrations as children. We aim to inspire scientific curiosity in the kids we work with and show them that science can be interesting, fun, and rewarding!

If you would like Science Outreach to come to your school, please contact us at We organize assemblies, science demonstrations, and more. If you have any questions or special requests do not hesitate to ask!

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